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Things Every Woman Needs to Know about Feminine Hygiene Products

What you don’t know about your pads and tampons may be hurting you.  Here are 8 things you need to know:
1.  Most pads and tampons contain dioxin residues from bleaching the cotton used to make them. Dioxin is a known carcinogen that is directly absorbed into the bloodstream without filtering when in contact with the skin.
2.  Dioxins also leech magnesium from the body, which may result in a deficiency of this critical mineral.  Magnesium is required for proper nerve and brain cell conductivity, muscle movement, to release anxiety and stress, and hundreds of other essential biological functions.
3.  Cotton used to make pads and tampons is heavily sprayed with pesticides like organophosphates.  Like dioxin these chemicals absorb through the skin directly into the bloodstream.  The US Department of Defense (DOD) published a 1.5 million dollar study in the journal Nature Genetics connecting neurological disorders like attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Parkinson’s disease with organophosphate exposure. The study found that the pesticides inhibited the activity of a gene that controlled bodily movement.
4.  These pesticides are also known hormone disruptors, even at extremely low exposures.  The same pads and tampons women rely on throughout their periods may actually be causing them hormonal imbalances.
5.  Most pads and tampons are made of genetically-modified (GM) cotton. The result of skin contact with this GM cotton has never been tested.  Trans genes in genetically-modified organisms are known to randomly migrate to affect the genes of living things in contact with them so there is a potential health risk for women.
Keep reading to discover the shocking amount of plastic in one pad and how to protect yourself…

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